We may have adjusted to socially distanced events and parties via Zoom but all occasions, both big and small, deserve a celebration. The pros at Celebrated want to help bring a little normalcy back into our lives. They have curated all-in-a-box party essentials that will make your loved ones feel extra special. 


The founders of Celebrated, Jessi Means and Lindsey Kauffman, know a thing or two about crafting perfect moments. If you are planning an event this spring or summer they offer the following tips to help plan the celebration.


Extend Spring Holidays so It’s More Than Just One Day

  • Decorate your home and table around these special times. Get your kids involved and transform your house into a festive environment that will bring joy to everyone.
  • Load up on activities and spread them out over several days. Check out Celebrated for new crafts and fun things that will keep everyone happy, smiling, and occupied.
  • Send special care packages to friends and family. Start with a themed box from Celebrated, then customize it with your own flair.

Celebrate Your Kids Birthdays in an “Over the Top” Way at Home

  • Go big on decorations. Superheroes, unicorns, mermaids, happy campers – you name it, there’s a favorite theme for all of your child’s interests. Balloons, garland, signage all add to the festivities.
  • Plan a virtual or driveway party. Celebrate via Zoom or outdoors with just as much activity and fun.
  • Send favors and activities to guests ahead of time. You can share an activity card, for example, with all participants to enjoy together and include themed favors as a thank you gift.

Surprise Friends and Family with Driveway Drops to Celebrate Special Events

  • Balloon garlands create a huge impact and you can customize with more than 35 colors to choose from (and be Instagram-ready). Plus, they last for several days. 
  • Bring the party to them with balloon signage and get the virtual fiesta started!
  • Don’t forget to coordinate food and dessert with selected plates and utensils that follow the theme (i.e. Fiesta, Game On, Mimosas, Donut Grow Up). Make it a dropoff to remember!

Reward Yourself with a Zoom Night with Friends

  • Celebrated has beer tasting and wine tasting kits that are incredibly fun to do virtually with friends. 
  • Make it glam with a Hollywood theme and have everyone tune in to a favorite movie or TV show.

Let the celebrations begin!