Need a little break from homeschooling and entertaining the kids 24/7? Now, more than ever, parents are craving “me time.” The experts at wanted to figure out which crafts will keep your child occupied for the longest amount of time.

The company sent a variety of popular craft activities to 1,635 parents of children ages six to 10 years old and asked them to record the time and noise level of their kids while crafting. 

Good news, moms and dads! There are plenty of activities that will keep your kids busy for around a half hour, give or take. 

The 10 Crafts that Keep Your Child Distracted For the Longest Time:

  1. Paper Weaving (34 minutes)
  2. Making Slime (33 minutes)
  3. Origami (31 minutes)
  4. Jewelry Making (30 minutes)
  5. Painting Rocks (29 minutes)
  6. Colored Sand Bottles (27 minutes)
  7. Mosaic Art (26 minutes)
  8. Macaroni Frames (26 minutes)
  9. Paper Mâché (25 minutes)
  10. Finger Sewing (23 minutes)

There are plenty of crafts that will occupy your kiddos, even for just a short while and some quiet time is better than no quiet time.

The 10 Crafts that Keep Your Child Distracted For the Shortest Time:

  1. Printing Shapes (8 minutes)
  2. Finger Painting (9 minutes)
  3. Scoubidou (10 minutes)
  4. Foam Crafts (10 minutes)
  5. Paper Chains (11 minutes)
  6. Playdough Modeling (12 minutes)
  7. Designing T-shirts (13 minutes)
  8. Straw Blowing and Painting (13 minutes)
  9. Drawing and Coloring (14 minutes)
  10. Glitter Art (16 minutes)

No matter which crafts you and your child select, there are many benefits to tapping into your child’s creative side. Stefan Gheorghe at shares that crafting enhances decision-making skills, improves self-esteem and provides a source of relaxation.