Finding age-appropriate art supplies can be challenging when most are only available in “one size fits all”. Doodle Hog offers a solution for both kids and adults of all ages. Their collection of fun and affordable craft kits and art supplies range from kid-friendly crayons to high-quality paint kits and sketchbooks. 

Doodle Hog features four collections:


The collection consists of products specifically designed for the smallest hands and biggest imaginations.

Dab and Dot markers

NOYO (Not Your Ordinary) Crayons

Art Trays


This collection is targeted for crafty and curious kids and tweens exploring their creative independence.

String Art


Friendship Bracelets

Tie Dye

Squishy Paint Kits


These kits will help your young artist discover their talents with handmade designs that they will be proud to show off. 

Yarn Kits


These quality, affordable student and artist grade art supplies are designed to inspire.

Watercolor Brush Pens

Watercolor Pan Palettes

High-Quality Sketchbooks

The idea for Doodle Hog started with founder Ming Hwong’s struggle to find markers that her young children could easily use. “My children loved doing arts and crafts at a young age and of course one of the first art tools I introduced to them was markers, but they immediately struggled to hold the markers properly due to their little hands,” said Hwong. “After scouring the internet for kid-friendly art supplies and not finding a solution that I felt would work for kids, the idea for Dab and Dots, Doodle Hog’s first product, was born. From there we’ve just been creating and adding products to our collections for artists of all ages to enjoy.”