If you are planning on celebrating Derby Day at home then you’ll need to dress the part. It wouldn’t be a Kentucky Derby party without a fancy hat to top off your outfit. The Featured Milliners of Kentucky Derby 147, Christine Moore and Jenny Pfanenstiel, have just the tips to make it a day to remember.

In order to ensure your family is photo-ready and looking their best for the big race select color-coordinated outfits by choosing different shades of the same color or going with all the same tones. A simple white button-down and pastel shorts can be jazzed up with a pair of suspenders and a bow tie. A solid-colored sundress will sparkle with a decorative bow or headband and a cute purse. Matching accessories will tie all of your looks together. You’ll be picture perfect!

Pfanenstiel suggests adding a hat to your little one’s outfit to complete their Derby Day look. To ensure the hat stays atop their head, attach a long piece of ribbon to the opposite ends of the hat and tie it together in a bow around their neck.

Big kids can design their own creations using old hats or costumes found around the house. Bling up their look using feathers, fake flowers, felt, rhinestones and ribbon. Now is the best time to put that old dance recital costume to good use. 

After everyone is dressed, throw a runway show. Moore suggests creating a make-shift red carpet using a red blanket or sheet and snap photos of your little one showing off their favorite finds. 

Most of all dress to impress, but keep it comfy.