Why should the big kids have all the fun? FUNBOY is launching a new line, FUNBABY, just for your littlest ones. Best of all, each FUNBABY float is a mini of the larger FUNBOY pool floats, so get ready for fun mommy and me moments all summer long!


With their own kids in mind, the FUNBIY founders set out to create floats they would feel confident in introducing their little ones to the water. Each FUNBABY design features deep comfortable baby seats with soft leg holes to help keep the child in place for ultimate safety and peace of mind.


The FUNBABY Private Jet and Pink Retro Convertible each feature a steering wheel with an integrated horn for added sensory play in the water. 

For additional comfort and safety, FUNBABY floats feature backrests and dual chambers with safety valves. Each FUNBABY float comes with a detachable sun-shade to provide added sun protection.

FUNBABY floats are designed for kids aged 1-2 and up to 33lbs.