The internet can be a wonderful place for children to learn and have fun, but just like the world around us, it can be dangerous if precautions are not taken. You want your children to have access to the internet, but you also want them to be safe when they’re using it. Thanks to our Garfield at Home program, every parent or grandparent can acquire the tools needed to ensure the safety and security of their children online!

At the Center, we know how difficult it can be to find the time to go through every single thing about internet safety with your children. Even when you make time for it, it can last longer than you’ve expected since kids can quickly get impatient and bored. We believe that no parent should go through such troubles to teach a valuable lesson. That’s why, with the knowledge of cyber professionals and the creativity of Garfield’s creator Jim Davis, we present a learn-and-play program that helps your kids learn about safe online behavior.

Garfield’s famous sense of humor and cat-itude make lessons on gaming, cyberbullying, chatting with strangers and illegal downloading fun and interesting for your kids. Garfield at Home learning program offers three subscriptions:

  1. Introductory features interactive, self-paced and colorful cartoons that teach online social and safety skills. Your kids will earn digital cyber safety badges as they complete different activities.
  2. Starter features everything in the Introductory level plus more fun and educational content, such as Find and Click Storybooks that come to life with Garfield and friends’ voices, sound effects and cartoon/lesson highlights. The Starter also includes game-based learning activities and access to our exclusive Parents Internet Safety Guide.
  3. Explorer includes everything from the Starter level plus a printed copy of the newest Garfield comic book, “Downloading Disaster,” and the new Garfield’s Cyber Safety Coloring Book. The Explorer also includes three first-edition, award-winning Garfield comic books, a Garfield and Friends poster and other goodies.

How Garfield at Home Helps Families

There are three ways our Garfield at Home program can help parents:

  1. No more sweat. Talking to your kids about internet safety CAN be fun. Garfield’s sense of humor and his antics makes learning about online safety exciting.
  2. You will not be left in the dark. You can stop worrying about trying to catch up with the latest app trends. With Garfield at Home, your kids will learn safe habits they can apply anytime they are online.
  3. It eliminates headaches. Your kids will learn how to avoid the dark side of the internet by learning about everything from chatting with strangers and gaming to posting selfies and cyberbullying—in a positive way.
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