Kids and their devices seem to go together, now more than ever. Between virtual learning, connecting with friends, playing video games and streaming shows it’s hard to remember what our lives were like before screens. Google knows that the more informed we can be, the better off our kids will be when it comes to tech. 

Start a Conversation

As the first generation of parents raising kids surrounded by technology, Google’s new family hub is here to help us start a conversation about safely navigating apps and websites. This one-stop technology resource for families features content from organizations such as Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, Family Online Safety Institute, Headspace, PBS Kids and Sesame Workshop. Easily find quality content with teacher-approved apps in Google Play, a kids’ tablet experience with Google Kids Space and kid profiles on Google TV. 

New to Family Link

Screen time rules are constantly evolving. Parental controls always helped manage the amount of time our children spent on their Android and Chromebook devices. Now that kids are on screens more for school work as well as unwinding, parents are more focused on how kids are using their devices. Now you can designate “always allowed” apps that are accessible even when screen time limits are up. That way remote learning apps will not be counted toward the daily screen time limit. 

Parents can also see added details to daily, weekly and monthly activity reports as well as an overview of how their kids are spending their time and how it changes from week to week. Also, find out what portion of that time was spent in “always allowed” apps. 

Headspace Breathers
Photo: Google

Practicing Mindfulness as a Family

Google is also giving parents a way to help their kids have safer online experiences as well as ways to spend quality time together as a family. With increased screen time there has been an increased need for fun at-home activities for kids. Families are looking for new ways to experience things together. Google is working with Headspace to create content that helps families practice mindfulness and wellbeing. Over the next month, a new content series, Headspace Breathers series will debut weekly on YouTube and YouTube Kids.  These activities will help kids and parents manage their emotions, find positivity, focus and more.

All of these resources and Family Link features will be rolling out over the coming weeks.