Get a full serving of veggies in your Easter basket. Green Giant and PEEPS have partnered to introduce Green Giant Cauliflower-Flavored PEEPS ahead of Easter. The Giant Marshmallow Bunnies with a hint of cauliflower flavor will be available beginning Apr. 1.

“The cauliflower trend is hard to miss – these days we see it being used in everything from pizza crusts to tots and beyond,” said Caitlin Servian, PEEPS Brand Manager. “We thought it was time for PEEPS®to get in on the fun, which is why we teamed up with a leading brand in vegetable innovation, Green Giant, to bring this unique product offering to fans across the country.”

Cauliflower PEEPS

Green Giant Cauliflower-Flavored Giant PEEPS Marshmallow Bunnies are available for a limited time. We’ve been told that the cauliflower flavor is subtle. Each package contains two PEEPS Marshmallow Bunnies. 

“Whoever said you can’t combine vegetables and sweets has not tasted our latest innovation,” said Kristen Thompson, Brand Director, Green Giant. “Consumers have raved about Green Giant Veggie Swap-Ins products for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we thought we should tackle sweets, too. Working alongside PEEPS felt like a natural partnership, and we think consumers will be clamoring for Green Giant Cauliflower-Flavored Giant PEEPS Marshmallow Bunnies this Easter.”

Keep in mind that these new PEEPS are set to launch on April Fools’ Day! 

Even though the brands may have gotten us with this prank, they firmly believe vegetables and PEEPS belong in every bunny’s basket — just maybe not in the same package!