Hot Cocoa bombs were all the rage this holiday season. This decadent treat is getting an upgrade just in time for Valentine’s Day. Similar to the circular silicone molds, now you can snag heart-shaped molds to add an extra bit of love to your cocoa.

These heart shaped molds work exactly like the spherical ones. Simply spread melted chocolate into the mold. After they have hardened, pop them out of the mold, take one half and add cocoa powder, mini-marshmallows and even sprinkles for an added surprise. Place the other half on top and use the remaining melted chocolate to seal the heart. 

Once set, place your heart shaped hot cocoa bomb in a mug , pour warm milk over the top and enjoy!

Pink Diamond Heart Silicone Mold ($11.99)

Hot Cocoa Mold

Palksky 2 Pcs 3D Heart Chocolate Bomb Silicone Molds (12.99)

Hot cocoa mold

Meedy 3D Love Heart Shaped Silicone Molds (11.89)

Hot Cocoa Molds

15 Cavity Hearts Shape Silicone Chocolate Molds (16.00)

Hot Cocoa Molds

Silicone Muffin Pan Chocolate Molds Heart Rose Shaped Baking Molds (17.99)

Hot Cocoa Molds

Rainmae 2 Pack Heart Shaped Silicone Mold (15.99)

Hot Cocoa Molds

6-Cavity Heart Shaped Silicone Mold (16.99)

Hot Cocoa Molds