Did you know that soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, Irish potatoes and Insomnia Cookies all hail from Philadelphia? Native Philadelphians can tell you that the Irish Potato is a St. Patty’s Day tradition that is enjoyed once a year. Insomnia Cookies wants to share the love with Insomniacs everywhere. 

Insomnia Cookies Spring

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Insomnia Cookies is paying homage to their Philly roots by launching their version of the Irish Potato with a twist. Traditionally a candy of confectioners’ sugar, coconut cream, coconut flakes, and rolled in cinnamon to look like a potato, Insomnia’s spin on the sweet treat is an Irish Potato Cookie. This soon-to-be fan-favorite is a snickerdoodle cookie with coconut flakes and cream cheese chips. 

Insomnia Cookies Spring

Insomnia is also releasing two more Spring-themed cookies in addition to the Irish Potato creating a delicious Spring Trio. Joining the line-up is the limited-time classic Confetti Cookie, a sugar cookie covered with colorful sprinkles and the Carrot Cake Cookie, a delicious spiced cookie with carrot shreds and raisins 

Insomnia Cookies Spring

To celebrate the release of its latest cookies, Insomnia will be announcing flash deals starting the week of Mar. 1. Keep an eye on their social channels to snag a deal on one of these limited-time-only treats.

The new Irish Potato Cookie, Confetti Cookie, and Carrot Cake Cookie are available in-store, for delivery, and nationwide shipping while supplies last.

Local delivery is available until 12 a.m. or later, and stores are open for walk-in or pick-up until 1 a.m. or later for most locations.

To place an order for local delivery or nationwide shipping, visit insomniacookies.com.