We all do it! Parents across the country will admit that they swipe some of their kids’ Halloween haul. Now Klondike and Breyers are here to offer a delicious incentive to keep your hands out of their stash.

This year when the urge to dip into the candy bucket kicks in, text “Confess” to 64827 for a sweet buy-one-get-one offer on Klondike & Breyers REESE’S frozen treats.

“We know that REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups are a Halloween hot commodity for the entire family,” says Russel Lilly, Vice President, Unilever Ice Cream USA. “That’s why we’re stocking freezers with an adult stash of our loaded REESE’S products from Klondike & Breyers and offering this buy-one-get-one coupon for Klondike & Breyers REESE’S frozen treats all month long.”

It has never been easier to score a frozen treat for yourself while saving those peanut butter cups for your little trick or treaters.

This limited-time offer is good for a 6-pack of Klondike bars or a 48-ounce tub of Breyers REESE’S Chocolate or REESE’S & REESE’S Pieces 2-in-1 ice cream. You only have until Halloween to take advantage of this offer. Items purchased after Oct. 31, 2021 will not qualify.

Ice cream for you and extra candy for the kids — it’s a win-win!