Leslie Odom Jr. and wife, Nicolette Robinson, have written a new song to celebrate heart attack survivors and their second chance at life. “Second Chance” is inspired by Odom’s father-in-law, Stuart K. Robinson, a heart attack survivor.

Released ahead of Father’s Day, Odom and Robinson used the rhythm of her father’s heartbeat to create a song with lyrics that honor heart attack survivors and appreciate the moments gained with their families.

“This song is a celebration of all of the moments Nicolette and I are so lucky to have with my father-in-law after he survived a heart attack. Our wedding, meeting his grandchildren, and so many other moments in between – these are the memories that inspired the music and lyrics,” said Odom. “My hope is this song inspires heart attack survivors to keep working toward their goals so they too can celebrate these special moments with their families.”

The song is part of the Bayer Aspirin campaign, “Your Heart Isn’t Just Yours.”

“Your heart belongs to the people who love you most, the people who need you in their life: your family and friends. When you neglect the health of your heart, you also impact their lives. We hope that this campaign, “Your Heart Isn’t Just Yours,” speaks to survivors and their families and encourages them to live a heart-healthy lifestyle” says Lisa Perez, Senior Brand Director, Bayer Aspirin. “As we developed this campaign, we realized that we needed to not only highlight the impact a heart attack has on the survivor but really what effect it has on the entire family. People are more motivated to take care of themselves because of the impact their health has on their loved ones versus the impact it has on themselves.”

The campaign video featuring the song can be found on BayerAspirin.com and their social channels. It will also be featured on Pandora.com