Big kids rejoice! Lovevery is expanding its award-winning Play Kits program to include three-year-olds. Four new kits for the “Year of Self” are now available to nurture your little one’s social-emotional development and sense of independence. 

Check out the new kits here:

The Observer

Months 37, 38, 39


Welcome your new three-year-old to the “Year of the Self” as they take ownership of their routines, build emotional intelligence, and make sense of their world through open-ended play.

The Storyteller

Months 40, 41, 42


Help your child build a positive association with reading and math through puzzles, problem solving, and imaginative play.

The Problem Solver

Months 43, 44, 45


Support your curious three-year-old’s interest in categorization, conversation, and collaboration.

The Analyst

Months 46, 47, 48


Challenge your (almost) four-year-old to use precise fine motor skills, solve new sensory and STEM puzzles, and cook with fractions—all with fun, hands-on play.

As always, you can sign up for a subscription or purchase kits separately.