It’s never been easier to stay connected to your baby’s health and development. Nanit Pajamas is the newest addition to Nanit’s popular line of Breathing Wear wearables which allow parents to monitor their baby’s breathing using Nanit’s overhead HD camera. The specially designed pajamas feature Breathing Wear’s distinctive pattern designed with shapes and color that are scientifically engineered to be read from any angle to alert parents the second their baby needs them.

As with previous Breathing Wear products, Nanit Pajamas work with both the new Nanit Pro and Nanit Plus cameras, are 100% cotton, machine washable and enable customers to monitor their baby’s breaths per minute in real-time, without putting electronic devices on the baby or in the crib. At launch there are four sizes available – newborn 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months. The newborn and 0–3 months size pajamas include mittens and 6-9 months size includes non-slip grips on the feet for infants that are starting to stand and walk.

“Nanit launched with the idea that the right technology could make life more manageable for new parents by connecting them to their child’s development and well-being,” said Nanit CEO Sarah Dorsett. “As we grew the family of Nanit products, our line of Breathing Wear sensor-free wearables became one of the top reasons parents choose Nanit for their nursery. We are thrilled to bring Nanit Pajamas to market and deliver yet another safe, simple and more naturally integrated monitoring solution for parents.”

The new pajamas join the Nanit complete monitoring system which includes the Nanit Swaddle, Breathing Band, Sleeping Bag and Smart Sheets to help parents monitor their baby’s development in real-time.

Nanit Pajamas are offered in a unisex pebble grey color and will retail for $29.99.