New parents rejoice! Tracking baby’s milestones to jot in a memory book or relay to the pediatrician has become easier than ever. The Nanit Pro Camera paired with the Nanit Smart Sheet has streamlined the process and made calculating vital health benchmarks virtually effortless. 

The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System is the only smart baby monitor on the market that can track your baby’s sleep, breathing motion and growth. Yes, even growth. Since dressing a baby is akin to keeping an octopus contained, any help with measurement is welcomed. Plus, Nanit will also capture precious memories that can be recorded and shared with loved ones. 

Nanit Pro

Parents will feel more confident putting their little one in their crib with personal guidance from Nanit ensuring the baby will sleep better. The next generation Nanit Pro features a sleek new slimmer design and delivers parent-approved enhancements to Nanit’s award-winning camera including: 

  • Crystal Clear Day and Night Vision – Get the best overhead view of your baby’s crib day or night with 1080P HD color video and digital zoom.
  • Monitor Baby’s Breathing Motion – All Nanit Pro cameras will now include a small Breathing Band (0-3M) to track baby’s breathing motion in real-time.
  • Track Baby’s Growth – The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System bundle will include a Nanit Smart Sheet, the first-of-its-kind crib sheet that gives parents the ability to measure their baby’s height and track their growth through the Nanit camera.
  • Enhanced Connectivity and Security – An upgraded chipset allows for faster processing and the highest quality real-time video display as well as added security and on-board storage.
  • Superior Audio and Sound – Improved internal speaker delivers higher quality sound and audio for features including two-way talk, white noise and nature sounds, background audio and real-time sound notifications.

“As we expand the Nanit brand in 2021 and beyond, Nanit Pro will serve as our flagship product delivering on our mission of supporting the parenting journey through lifestyle products that connect parents to their baby’s well-being, memories and overall development,” said Sarah Dorsett, CEO at Nanit.

The Nanit Pro smart baby monitor starts at $299 and includes a Nanit Pro camera, wall mount with cable management system, and a small Breathing Band. The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System starts at $379 and includes a Nanit Pro camera, wall mount, multi-stand for on-the-go, a small Breathing Band and a Smart Sheet crib sheet. All purchases of the Nanit Pro camera include a free 1-year subscription to the Nanit Insights app for personalized sleep guidance and Memories feature to capture and share your little one’s precious moments.

The Nanit Pro camera is available for presale now on and will be available at national retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, buybuy BABY, Pottery Barn Kids, Target and more beginning Feb. 21, 2021.