When your little one has a boo boo, a bandage (and a kiss) always seems to make it better. Removing that bandage is another story. Nexcare has just unveiled a new line of bandages featuring a silicone adhesive for long-lasting hold and pain-free removal. 

A survey conducted by Atomik Research on behalf of Nexcare found that caring for minor injuries at home is impacted by painful bandage removal. As many as one in three Americans avoid wearing bandages because of the pain of removal. The survey also found that parents tend to leave a bandage on their child longer than necessary because of the child’s fear of removal. 

Nexcare Duo

“Painful bandage removals have been the norm for far too long,” said Peter Berens, Nexcare™ Global Brand Leader. “Consumers around the world create all kinds of workarounds and tricks to avoid an unpleasant bandage removal experience. Our all-new Nexcare™ Duo product introduces bandages as they should be – secure, flexible, and as easy to remove as they are to apply.”

The silicone adhesive was designed by 3M scientists to provide all-day hold and pain-free removal all while protecting minor cuts, burns and scratches. 

3M scientists designed the silicone adhesive for the Nexcare Duo bandages with silicone adhesive for all day hold and pain free removal while providing protection for minor cuts, burns and scratches. 

The benefits of Nexcare Duo bandages include:

  • New silicone adhesive technology from 3M’s science and medical technology experts
  • 360° wound protection and a strong consistent hold without any bandage slip
  • Flexible, water-resistant fabric that holds up after handwashing
  • Clean, pain-free bandage removal that’s non-irritating and skin-friendly
  • Solvent-free silicone adhesive that reduces emissions in manufacturing

Nexcare Duo bandages are currently available nationwide and you can find them HERE.