Sometimes it feels like an impossible task to keep socks on those little feet. Pippy Pants eliminates the hassle of your kids removing their socks so you’ll never struggle to match up missing pairs again. Problem solved!

Katy Prushiek, an entrepreneur and mother of two young children became frustrated struggling to keep her son’s socks on his feet. She was inspired to create unique patent-pending children’s pants with socks attached called Pippy Pants.

“I have a passion for children and children’s fashion. I’m always on the hunt for adorable children’s clothing that’s functional. This has helped me create a product that’s stylish and practical,” said Prushiek. “Our target audience is parents, with a focus on busy moms. There’s nothing like it on the market. Pippy Pants will change the world because pants and socks will be worn in a whole new way.”

Pippy Pants

Because the socks are sewn to the pants, your little one will not be able to pull them off. Plus, loose socks will not get lost in the dryer.

Pippy Pants are contemporary and chic and come in adorable colors and designs. Plus, they are designed to be durable and hold up the entire time that your child wears a pant size. 

Check out Pippy Pants on Kickstarter