What kid hasn’t asked for their very own pony? Now you can make your little one’s dreams come true. PonyCycle is introducing its Classic Model U Series mechanical riding horse.

Unlike other ride-on horse toys, such as traditional wooden rocking horses and electric-powered cars, the PonyCycle offers an authentic riding experience as its unique propulsion system simulates real horseback riding for kids.

“A pony has always been that one ultimate gift that a lot of kids want. Now, with the PonyCycle ride-on horse toy, kids can finally experience what horseback riding is truly like,” said Ada Gong, U.S. Marketing Manager at PonyCycle. “With a unique mechanism that requires kids to use fully-body motions to make the PonyCycle gallop (which are similar to motions made when riding a real horse), it’s the perfect toy for little cowboys, cowgirls, and princesses who are wishing for a pony”

The Pony Cycle ride-on horse doesn’t require electricity or batteries. The exterior is soft and plush – mimicking that of a real pony. It features non-slip and wear-resistant pedals and has a comfortable memory foam raised seat. The safety on-way wheel will not scratch. 


PonyCycle ride-on horse toys come in two sizes: a small version that is suitable for kids between the ages of three to five and a medium version that is suitable for ages four to nine. They also come in a variety of colors, including brown, chocolate brown, black, zebra, white unicorn and pink unicorn.

You can also check out PonyCycle’s range of Premium Model K Series pony toys, which feature an upgraded design and come with various accessories for added fun.