Have you ever forgotten where you have locked up your bike, or worse, has your bike ever been stolen? Worried about your teen’s bike when they park it outside school or the baseball field? PrimeTracking’s SafeTrack mini GPS tracker will help put your mind at ease.

This wireless 4G LTE technology, real-time GPS tracking device will soon become a summertime essential. The small, lightweight yet durable design allows you to keep it attached to your bicycle all summer long. With a long battery life lasting approximately two to four weeks, this tracking system will rarely die before recharging. Easily manage your device with any smartphone app or desktop computer. Simply sync up and you are ready to track. With its geofence feature, you’ll receive notifications whenever the tracker enters or leaves an area. 

PrimeTracking retails for $24.95 a month (with 10 days free) on PrimeTracking.com.