Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time to spend some extra time with your little ones. Whether you love baking or crafting or heading out on an adventure, there are so many fun activities to enjoy in the coming month. If your little one is excited to count down to Santa’s visit, Qeepsake has teamed up with Madi Loves Kiwi Etsy shop to create adorable, DIY advent calendar cut-outs you will enjoy all season long. 

Qeepsake brainstormed 60+ unique ways families can customize their DIY advent calendar for all ages, holidays and cultural backgrounds.

For Babies

  • Sing your baby a different holiday song every day
  • Craft DIY hand and footprint gifts
  • Create baby’s first stocking, dreidel or another holiday keepsake

For Toddlers

  • Choose different holiday books to read each day
  • Pick a special day to visit Santa
  • Color holiday-themed coloring books together

For Kids

  • Decorate holiday cookies
  • Make Star of David crafts
  • Go on a scavenger hunt