What will the Easter Bunny be leaving at your house this year? If you are wondering where your top picks stack up against other families, we have you covered. RetailMeNot conducted a survey to find out the most popular Easter candy this year and you may be surprised. 

Let’s find out the answer to the ultimate question. Where do Peeps rank?

The most popular Easter treat, according to RetailMeNot’s survey, is Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Eggs (26 percent). Second place went to jelly beans (24 percent). Cadbury Eggs took third (20 percent), followed by chocolate bunnies (16 percent) and last but not least, Peeps (14 percent).

No matter what your favorite Easter treat is, 77 percent of shoppers plan to spend up to $50 on their candy haul this year while 12 percent are planning to spend between $50 and $100.