Instagram’s favorite doll Qai Qai is a social media sensation. Created by Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia, Qai Qai has over 2.5M followers across social channels. Qai Qai is brimming with personality and constantly encouraging her followers to dream big, “boss up,” and be a champion for yourself and those around you.

As Qai Qai knows, a true boss is one who gives back, so this month, she is honoring women who have been selflessly giving back in their communities through a new initiative – #QaiItForward. Starting today, #QaiItForward will be donating 800 Qai Qai dolls to moms Claudia Walker (Oakland, CA); founder of The Black Toy Store, Keewa Nurullah (Chicago, IL); founder of Kido, and Jamie Lackey (Norcross, GA); CEO and founder of Helping Mamas, who have made an incredible impact within their local communities, to Qai it forward to their local youth programs, schools and other neighborhood organizations.

With a mission to tell positive, uplifting stories, Qai Qai’s character embodies the power of friendship and the beauty of imagination in play. Qai Qai is available for $29.99 exclusively on Amazon.