Sometimes parents need a break! Between packing a healthy and nutritious lunch that your kids will eat, signing permission slips and looking for a lost shoe under the couch just as the bus pulls up it’s hard to tell which way is up. Stonyfield has launched a lunchbox to encourage moms and dads to take a little me-time.

The “Keep it Real” Breakbox Collection, featuring three themed lunchboxes designed for what parents really need to get through their day: Adult Time Out, You Got This, and Hide in My Closet. 

Adult Time Out: Even adults need a time out once-in-a-while, but they’re more fun as an adult… Includes everything parents need to take a load off after (another) long day: an organic mixer, Unreal Candy, Simple Mills and Forager Chips.


You Got This: Meant to reassure parents that they’re doing an amazing job and give permission to pat themselves on the back; includes a trophy, gold star stickers, a magnet family organizer for the fridge, a “You Got This” mug – and coffee + a hydration bottle to keep them going along the way.


For those days when you just want to hide out from everyone in your house and squeeze in some much-needed self-care; includes a candle, Bliss Bright Idea under-eye patches, a jade roller, an eye mask and a Swear notebook to let out all your frustrations.

Each box retails for $50 and will be available for purchase on Shopify.

Not only are these adults-only lunchboxes super cute, but they give back too! Stonyfield is also donating 100% of the purchase price from these Breakboxes to No Kid Hungry. Plus, each Breakbox comes with a packed note filled with wisdom from parents around the country.