Little one on the way? Parents-to-be can now explore the exciting world of baby names via The Bump Baby Names Hub. Here you’ll find fun, easy-to-use tools to help you find the perfect name. 

The Bump Baby Names Hub allows parents to choose their favorites from a widely inclusive list ranging from cultural to gender-neutral, to vintage and trendy or popular names. Users can then easily share their picks with their partner, family and friends. 

The hub also features one-of-a-kind searches including a playground popularity check, problematic initial or soundcheck and the “This or That” baby name game—a fun, dating app-inspired approach to narrowing down favorites.  The Bump knows that choosing the perfect name can be as hard as finding “the one”!

“With baby names accounting for nearly 40% of The Bump’s website traffic, we created the hub to ensure that our soon-to-be-parents had a fun, seamless experience as they search for the perfect name for their little one,” said Jen Lee, head of marketing at The Bump. “Whether it’s choosing the best name based on their new baby’s zodiac sign, deciding on an uncommon name from a century ago, or even searching through the most popular boy, girl and unisex baby names in 2020, it can be found in one central, easy-to-navigate location on The Bump.”

So what were the most popular names of 2020? The Bump’s list of the most popular unique, uncommon and unisex baby names come as no surprise. Based on The Bump’s most searched names of 2020, unisex names were a top choice with Hunter and Kai leading the pack for both boys and girls. Braxton held the top spot for most popular baby boy names in 2020, while Mila was the most popular name for baby girls. There were also some new additions to the most popular list in 2020 including Urban, Ezra and Landon for boys and Molly, Amara and Alaina for girls. 

When comparing 2019 to 2020 The Bump found that there were names that significantly declined in popularity including Keanu, which slid from the 26th most popular baby boy name down to 93, and Emma, which went from the 20th most popular name option down to 77 for baby girls.

What will be the most popular baby names in 2021? According to The Bump 71% of expecting parents would consider a gender-neutral name, while 59% prefer a more traditional “boy” or “girl” name. When it comes to more traditional names, 75% would give their new baby a family name and 65% would choose a name that celebrates their or their partner’s culture in some way.  Famous people, places and things also influence naming trends.

No matter what your naming style is The Bump Baby Names Hub offers expectant parents an all-in-one destination for choosing the perfect baby name.