Sing and dance along with your favorite musical trolls. Thinker-Tinker announced their new Trolls Music Stars — a line of collectible interactive plush charms with a companion mobile app inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Troll franchise. These interactive toys are expected to launch on Kickstarter on Feb. 23. 

The innovative plush characters connect to a companion mobile app and enable users to bring their favorite DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls characters to life. Fans can create music through the power of rhythm, remixing and endless play. Users can enjoy their favorite songs from the Trolls franchise, unlock different characters, customize their Trolls’ avatar and collect special items in the game.

Trolls Music Stars

It’s so easy to play. Open the app to scan the unique headphone on the collectible plush. Unlock new zones, characters, accessories and music clips in the mobile app. Then you can battle favorite Trolls characters in various dance challenges. Players can even reix their own songs in the app. 

Thinker-Tinker’s Trolls interactive plush charms will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter and will feature exclusive pre-order items and bundles.

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