Family game night is a great way to unwind and connect with your kids. Winning Moves Inc. announced the release of two exciting new games that you’ll want to add to your collection. Make some room in your game closet for Words Over Easy and Trashed.

Words Over Easy
Winning Moves Games USA

Words Over Easy is a quick-playing word game with egg shaped letters. Pop the letter eggs into the egg sorter to see which letters you can use to spell words. Eggs that fall into the green side are good and ones that land on the red side are rotten eggs. Players need to come up with words using all the letters from the good eggs. Points are scored for each unique word completed. 

Winning Moves Games USA

Trashed is a fast-paced card game that was inspired by the old-time favorite card game Garbage. With custom cards and unique twists to gameplay, it has been updated for modern times. Players need to get their cards lined up in the correct order from 1 to 10 while avoiding thieves. If an opponent plays a Trashed card they can steal one of your cards from you. 

“We are very excited to introduce two brand new and unique playing games to our line. We believe Words Over Easy will be a great complement to our best-selling word games like Big Boggle and Tile Lock Scrabble. Likewise, if you enjoy our other hit card games like Pit or Clue Suspect, then we know you’ll also love Trashed. Overall, we are proud to make high-quality games that the whole family can enjoy! Winning Moves Games USA is the one-stop-shop for specialty retailers who want to carry the classic, proven-sellers along with fresh new games,” said Philip Orbanes Jr., President of Winning Moves Games USA.