Enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors without the brain freeze! In celebration of the arrival of summer, Insomnia Cookies is launching ice cream-inspired cookies for a limited time. 

Insomnia Cookies Ice Cream

Enjoy a delicious cookie (or two or three). No judgement here!

Insomnia Cookies Ice Cream

The brand new ice cream-flavored cookies include:

Rocky Road: A chocolate base blended with milk chocolate chips, diced almonds, mini marshmallows, and marshmallow fluff.

Cookies’ N’ Cream: This combo of silky vanilla ice cream, vanilla chips, and crunchy broken cookie sandwich bits is an undeniable iconic ice cream favorite.

Orange Creamsicle: A rich mix of creamy vanilla, white chocolate chips, and citrus makes this the perfect refreshing summer treat.

Rocky Road Monster’wich: Smooth vanilla ice cream smashed between two chocolatey marshmallow Rocky Road cookies is perfect when the tmepratures rise.

Orange Creamsicle Cookie’wich: This creamy vanilla ice cream and creamsicle cookie creation is perfect for those looking for a non-chocolatey treat.

Vegan Cookies’ N’ Cream: The creamy crunchy flavor we all know and love is made with 100% vegan ingredients.