Parents are often juggling a million things at once. If you are looking to carve out a little space to be alone, and maybe enjoy some ice cream too, Klondike may have just the solution you are looking for. The ice cream brand just launched the Klondike Cone Zone – an ice cream cone-shaped chair designed as a cozy private retreat for any home.

This adorable ice cream-inspired furniture gives fans who would do just about anything for a Klondike an immersive way to savor the new Klondike Cones free from distraction. 

“These days, many of us could do with a little less multitasking at home and a little more ice cream,” says Russel Lilly, Vice President of U.S. Ice Cream at Unilever. “Eating a delicious Klondike Cone deserves its own moment of bliss, which is why we engineered the Klondike Cone Zone, so fans can literally escape, take a break and enjoy their sweet treat in the most satisfying way possible.”

The Klondike Cone Zone is a premium hanging chair that draws playful design inspiration from the new Klondike Cones, allowing its user to be enveloped by a crispy wafer outer shell, while lounging on the plush seated tuft of a creamy chocolatey core. A zip enclosure offers complete immersion so fans can finally stop all the multitasking and simply focus their attention on the delicious Klondike Cone at hand.

Klondike Cones

New Klondike Cones feature a chocolatey lined crispy wafer cone, delicious sauce core and tantalizing toppings and are available in five delicious flavors including Vanilla Chillin’, Nuts for Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Double Down Chocolate, and Unicorn Dreamin’. Klondike Cones are available at major retailers nationwide and retail for $6.99.

Now, what would you do for a free limited-edition Klondike Cone Zone? To enter for a chance to win, check out @KlondikeBar on Twitter, and retweet the brand’s post with the hashtag #IWouldDoANYTHINGForAKlondikeConeZoneSweepstakes.

The sweepstakes runs from Feb. 22 through Mar. 8 in the U.S. and you need to be 18+ to enter. Full rules can be found at