Parents trust Lovevery. Not only are the toys adorable and Instagram-worthy, but the curated play kits are specifically designed for each stage of their child’s development. Today the brand announced they will be enhancing the Play Kits Line which is geared for ages 0-12 months. 

The Explorer

Knowing how critical the first three years are to a child’s mental growth, each Play Kit will keep its current theme and developmental focus. The updated Play Kits provide a combination of stage-appropriate play essentials that prioritize independent play. 


The Explorer Play Kit offers brand new items that will engage your curious babe. The Stainless Steel Tip & Turn captures your little one’s attention with new sensory cause-and-effect experiences while the Stainless Steel Jingle Keys offer a safe way for your little one to experiment with sound and weight. 

The Thinker Play Kit will feature The Wooden Peg Drop which will encourage your baby to practice their fine motor precision and problem solving skills.

Additionally, the kit will offer the Organic Cotton Baby Doll which is available in three skin tones. Inspired by the dolls used in the Waldorf educational programs this sweet companion is designed to teach early lessons in empathy.

The updated versions of The Play Kits are available on