Do shopping habits vary by age? TikTok moms (ages 25-34) aren’t just relatable moms doing the latest TikTok dance – they’re also the ultimate nighttime multitaskers, according to a new survey conducted by online retailer Zulily. In fact, 63 percent of TikTok moms say that they watch a movie/TV show, shop online, or even check work emails while feeding or pumping.

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A new survey by Zulily explored what moms are shopping for and hoping to discover late at night. The new research reveals a shift in shopping habits of mothers across three distinct generational segments: TikTok Moms (ages 25-34), Facebook Moms (ages 35-44) and Mixtape Moms (age 45-54). What unites the generations? Most moms wake up at least once during the night and they share a love of great deals. 

  • Gen Y(awn): Although 7 in 10 of all moms surveyed reported waking up at least once each night, Facebook Moms reported the highest rate of restlessness at 72 percent.
  • Convenience over cost: 38 percent of TikTok Moms were more likely to invest in a big-ticket item such as deluxe strollers or a hands-free breast pump to lighten their parenting load.
  • Look ma, no hands: TikTok Moms were almost three times as likely to have chosen a hands-free breast pump if they could go back in time.
  • The unifier: 81 percent of all moms from 25 to 54 reported humor helps them navigate motherhood’s challenges.

“At Zulily, we have more than a decade of experience serving moms through ecommerce, and we’ve found that even small differences, like a few years in age, can greatly influence purchasing behavior,” said Susan Van Arsdale, senior business development manager at Zulily. “We work with more than 15,000 brands to reach moms through a personalized shopping experience. And, we stay relevant by engaging her with content, helping her answer questions like, ‘How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?’ We are here to help moms through an exciting time in their lives.”

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